What Happens When
The Dealer Can't Fix It?

Your new or used vehicle and its manufacturer's warranty is an investment you rely upon to get to school, work, and live your life. If you bought a lemon and you're tired of the getting the dealer’s runaround, it's time for professional intervention. Call or share your experience for a free case evaluation.

Do I have a Claim?

Our practice is focused on defective vehicle and product claims. We have the experience and knowledge to give you a realistic opinion about what you can expect in terms of repurchase or settlement, the anticipated length of the process, your time commitment, and what we could expect from a jury trial. We don’t charge any fees or expenses unless your claim is successfully resolved.
There is no retainer or upfront cost to you. You pay nothing until your claim is resolved in your favor.

Share your experience and we will call you back.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Requesting a free claim evaluation does not create an attorney client relationship, that does not happen until you have signed our agreement AND we have accepted your claim. Until you have signed an attorney client agreement you are responsible for any statutes of limitations or other deadlines related to your matter.