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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and FCA US LLC Dodge Ram and Jeep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel Class Action Settlement: What You Need to Know

To be clear, we are not the law firm that filed the EcoDiesel Class action lawsuit. While you do not have to hire a law firm to collect a class action settlement, we suggest that you let our firm to assist you with evaluating any future settlement offer at no cost to you. If you determine that you are not satisfied with the class action offer, we can pursue an individual claim on your behalf that will not settle until you decide to settle.

You must opt-out before April 15, 2019 to pursue an individual case, but we will not accept new clients after Thursday, APRIL 08, 2019. We believe that even after attorney fees are deducted, you will be able to recover more money.

If you opt-out you do not lose your right to the modification and its extended warranty, but you cannot accept the modification until your case settles.

Our firm represented hundreds of VW TDI owners with similar claims that opted out of their class action and I would like to use my experience to assist you. As a client, we can help you determine the fairness of any settlement offer, based on the specific circumstances of your transaction, and we will make sure your claims are filed before critical deadlines. We will do all this without charging you any money whatsoever unless you accept a settlement that we negotiate for you.

If you currently own or gave up possession of your EcoDiesel (sold, traded, or totaled), after January 12, 2017, we want to discuss your situation. If you accept representation, you can accept a class action settlement after one is announced, our representation will end, and you will owe us nothing as attorney fees, costs, or expenses. In that instance, you will submit your own claim for payment with FCA through the class action.

To discuss your claim, please call 888-929-9473 (a free call) to schedule your initial consultation at a time that is convenient for you. You can also use our Online Contact Form to submit your contact information directly to our firm.

What is our plan for these cases?

The EPA will not require buy backs, and FCA says they can disable any illegal emissions control with a ‘recall.’ You do not have to stay in a class action to recover diminished value losses resulting from FCA’s allegedly deceptive conduct. We will file your claim with our other EcoDiesel owners in Michigan (FCA US LLC’s principal place of business) courts. Based on my experience in the VW litigation, this is an efficient manner to handle these claims, and I do not anticipate of our clients would ever travel to Michigan. These claims are similar to those made against Volkswagen, and FCA USA LLC has hired the same law firm and lawyers that defended our TDI clients’ claims against VW.

EcoDiesel Litigation Background and Allegations

Fiat Chrysler is defending itself against allegations similar to Volkswagen AG’s 2015 admission that it had rigged some 11 million diesel vehicles to pass emissions tests, sending shock waves through the industry.

In Fiat Chrysler’s case, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board alleged in January 2017 that the company equipped diesel-powered pickups and SUVs with emissions software that violated clean-air laws. The agencies alleged the diesel engines contained auxiliary emissions control devices that affect pollution performance, and that the company failed to disclose this to the agency as required by law.

The Justice Department sued Fiat Chrysler in May 2017, asserting more serious allegations. The civil lawsuit alleged that 2014 to 2016 model year Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs and Ram 1500 pickups had diesel engines rigged with defeat devices to mask true pollution levels in lab tests while exceeding legal limits in real-world driving.

Automakers are legally allowed to use emissions-control software to help engines run properly. However, the EPA is alleging is that the software FCA used activated pollution controls to pass tests but improperly disabled them during regular driving.

Current Status of the Litigation

Fiat Chrysler has reached settlements with consumers and federal and state regulators involving the following Ram 1500 and Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles equipped with the 3.0L EcoDiesel engine (the “Subject Vehicles”).

The settlements consist of:

  • A Class Action Settlement Agreement between Fiat Chrysler, Bosch (Robert Bosch GmbH and Robert Bosch LLC), and certain current owners/lessees and former owners/lessees of the Subject Vehicles; and
  • A Consent Decree between Fiat Chrysler and the United States Department of Justice on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency and the State of California by and through the California Attorney General and the California Air Resources Board.

Unless a class member opts of the class, these settlements will prevent any individual legal claims asserting that the vehicles do not comply with federal and state emissions regulations and that Fiat Chrysler made misrepresentations to consumers regarding the vehicles.

When the Court grants final approval of the settlements, Fiat Chrysler will:

  1. Update the emissions control software (the “Approved Emissions Modification” or “AEM”) for the Subject Vehicles free of charge;
  2. Provide an extended warranty for updated vehicles; and
  3. Provide minimal cash compensation to Class Members who submit a timely and valid claim.

The Court has scheduled a hearing to decide whether to approve the settlements for May 3, 2019, although that date is subject to change. Once the settlements have been finally approved by the Court, current owners and lessees of Subject Vehicles will be able to schedule appointments to receive the Approved Emissions Modification, and eligible current and former owners and lessees will have the opportunity to submit claims for compensation.

EcoDiesel Purchasers Are Entitled To Their Own Lawsuits

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